Guide to Birding Sites on the Gaspé Peninsula (Quebec)
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Author Name: GARRETT, Raymond (English translation) 
Format: Spiralbound 

Lists and charts for the 341 species of birds seen on the Gaspé Peninsula.

41 birding sites are discussed. Maps and target birds are included

Guide Type: Finding Guide

The large diversity of the Gaspe Peninsula (sea, mountains, forest) makes for a beautiful range of birds that live in or visit the area. Forty-one sites with maps, photos, how to get there, what's nearby, and birding suggestions. Includes maps, directions, bird lists, abundance charts and a checklist. Originally published in French, this version translated into English.


ISBN: 2980157147

Publisher: Club des ornithologues de la Gaspésie

Year of Publication: 2005

Page Count: 246